On the earth.....
In the center of Japan.....
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. We have about 700 beds in our hospital.
Hamamatsu is situated just between Tokyo and Osaka (250km from Tokyo and 220 km from Osaka).
In our prefecture, there is Mt. Fuji, a very famous mountain in Japan.
The anesthesia machine in our operating theatre. Basically we use Ohmeda with automated recording system named "VOCAAR". We have 10 operating rooms and about 3200 cases in a year.
Pain clinic.
Our lounge in our department. We have meetings here every month.
Room for rookie anesthetist's
This picture shows the 1st anesthesia trial with sevoflurane in Japan. We developed sevoflurane first in the world and this inhalational anesthetic has been used most widely in our country because of many favorable properties.
We worked as medical staff in FIFA Worldcup 2002.